To my child’s teacher: thank you

To my child’s teacher,

How can I ever thank you for the love, energy, faith, and time that you gave to my child this year?  How can I sufficiently express how much you have come to mean to her and to our family? How can I find the words to tell you just how wonderful you have been, how destined we were to cross paths with you this year?

From you my child learned so much more than academics.  From you my child learned patience, flexibility, confidence, and strength.  You loved her through moments that were tough while somehow finding the balance to stretch her at the same time. All she knew in those tough moments, however, was your love.  My mama heart will be forever grateful for that.  From you my child learned how to trust other people besides her parents.  From you my child learned how to speak up and speak out, how to express herself, her emotions, and her needs, and how to do it with confidence.  You really understood her, and in her little soul, I know she felt that too.

Each day you greeted us with that smile, that energy, that enthusiasm.  No matter what was going on in your own life, you left it all on the field so that you could receive these precious children that we had entrusted to you.  You gave them your everything, and they responded in kind.  I know that some mornings that was hardly an easy thing to accomplish.  I’ve been there too.  However, your selflessness did not go unnoticed.  Your sacrifice was not without appreciation.  Your time was not without gratitude. I noticed.  We all noticed, and you don’t hear it nearly enough, but we thank you for that.  For all of it.

I thank you for the little songs and sayings I would hear my child repeat at home that would give me a glimpse into her happy little school world.  A world where I cannot go but one I desperately want to remain a part of.  I thank you for the joy in her voice and the sparkle in her eye as we loaded up each day for school.  I thank you for the notes, the pictures, the encouragement, and the grace that you shared with me.  I thank you for your communication, your directness, and your insight.  My daughter is not the only one who grew out of your guidance.

As I told you at the beginning of the year, we will carry you with us forever.  You have solidified your place in our family history as someone who mattered so much to all of us.  Our hearts are full.  Our hearts are grateful.  You are the reason for all of that.  May you find respite this summer in a good book, a lazy river, or just well-deserved time for yourself. May you recharge and refresh, so that in August when a new group of students walks through your doors, you will be ready to receive them in the same way that you received my child.  Their lives will change too.  I know ours did.

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”–Wicked, The Musical

Find the joy,


**Thank you teachers.  You are our heroes today and always.**