In This Home

My sister-in-law gave me the best birthday gift this year.  It’s a dish towel and on it is written:

In this home: We do laughter.  We do real. We do I’m sorry. We forgive. We do loud. We share hugs.  We dream big.  We have fun.  We are brave.  We do family.  We do love.  

I love catching glimpses of it during the day.  It has become a sort of mantra, and reading a phrase from it every now and then centers me.   It has also got me thinking about what each one of those statements looks like in our little home.  Here is a glimpse into that. ..

We do laughter: At each other, at ourselves, at squirrels running across the fence, at chasing birds, at W’s antics, at push-ups while sitting on Daddy’s back, and at Peppa Pig.

We do real: And boy is it real.  We do messes, and we do fusses.  Lots and lots of fusses. We take breaks.  We have quiet time whether we like it or not.  We get upset.  We learn patience.  We go to bed early.  We pull the car over until things calm down.  We cry.  We pray.

We do I’m sorry: When the tower gets knocked over, when the crayons mark on the wall, when the request is too terse, when the pages get torn, when the conversation gets interrupted, when our voice gets too loud, when frustration wins, and when we say the wrong thing.

We forgive: We believe in humility.  We believe in second chances (and third, fourth, and fifth ones too).  We start over. Every day we start over–sometimes more than once.  We see the good.  We are compassionate.  We keep love in the middle.

We do loud: Screaming during the post bath time run down the hall in hooded towels.  Excitement when the garbage truck arrives.  Celebrations when letters are written correctly.  Joyful exclamations upon hearing a new word spoken.

We share hugs:  When things go well and when they don’t.  When exhaustion sets in and the day is only halfway over. When worries bubble up along with tears.  When things are not “right.”  When a diaper change just feels like too much.  When the nighttime wakes us.  When we need to to hold on.  When we need help letting go.

We dream big: That the business will grow.  That the deal will close.  That she will be a fairy one day.  That he would see more trucks on the road.  That they will be healthy.  That they will be happy.  That they will be loved.  That they will change the world.  That the world will be kind to them.

We have fun: Spinning in circles on the kitchen floor, dance parties before dinner, “spooky storytimes” when all the lights are off, making cookies, running down hills, playing at the park, singing songs, and staying in our pajamas.

We are brave: Jumping off the tower at swimming class.  Being dropped off in the carpool line.  Watching her walk away.  Navigating a big step (literally). Getting a shot.  Picking up the phone. Speaking to the group. Asking the tough questions. Saying “I was wrong.”

We do family: It starts and ends right here.  With loyalty, with love, with grace, with connectedness.  If someone needs a nap, they take it.  If someone needs a break, they get it. We honor differences.  We don’t try and change.  We meet the others where they are and love them more for it.  We serve.  We give.

We do love: We believe that each one of us is doing his or her best.  We love them for who they are and for who they want to be.  We wrap our arms around each other.  We hold.  We carry. We cherish.

Find the joy~