20 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Children Will LOVE

Tis the season my friends!  I’ve taken some time to compile a list of my favorite gifts. Whether you are just getting started on your shopping or are wrapping things up, this list is sure to delight parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and children alike.  Happy holidays!

  1. This Melissa and Doug Ball Tower is perfect for little ones.  The balls are easy to push down and make a great sound as they travel to the bottom. I use mine without the hammer by the way… (1-2 years)
  2. A Radio Flyer Push Wagon is a must for cruisers and new walkers.  This one is as sturdy as can be and won’t topple over! (1-2 years)
  3. Nesting blocks are always a favorite.  We still play with these and have had them for years! (1-2+ years)
  4. This Butterfly Garden is one of my favorite gifts to give! I love the idea of nurturing something, watching it grow, and then letting it go. (3-4+ years)
  5. Every child needs an easel. The dry erase component to this one is a bonus! (18 months+)
  6. Children like to participate in the everyday activities they see adults doing.  This cleaning set and this one too will give them that opportunity.  Trust me on this one.  It is an under-the-radar favorite. (18 months+)
  7. Locks and latches board. Doors that open + different fastenings= a major toy win! (18 months-2+ years)
  8. This cutting food set combines dramatic play with fine motor work. Perfect! (2-4 years)
  9. A new twist on the dress up doll. There are lots of different dolls for this brand too.  Bonus points for being a great travel toy! (2-4 years)
  10. Amazon has a great group of toys classified as STEM toys (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  This microscope is sure to please every aspiring young scientist! (4+ years)
  11. Mega bloks. You can never, EVER go wrong! (18 months+)
  12. These Magna Tiles are all. the. rage. How did we ever do without these?! (2+ years)
  13. Candy Land! It is, and always will be, a classic. (3+ years)
  14. Hoot Owl Hoot is a precious game that encourages cooperation and introduces  strategic thinking.  Get the owls back to the nest before the sun comes up! (3+ years)
  15. I’m obsessed with this new board game Dinkee Linkee. It marries my mom side and my teacher side in a beautiful combination!  So much fun!  It’s definitely for the 6-9 group, but it’s easy to adjust the questions so little brother/sisters can play too! (6+ years)
  16. I love this website! You can create all kinds of personalized books and even board games for your children.  Children love seeing their own name and reading special things about themselves. This is a gift I cannot give or receive enough times! (Infants-6 year olds+)
  17. Rose Revere the Engineer is sure to inspire creativity and problem solving in this book. Also check out Ada Twist Scientist. (4+ years)
  18. Garbage trucks are HUGE at our house.  This book is perfect for the garbage truck lover in your life. (2+ years)
  19. A good tricycle is hard to find!  This one is so sturdy and perfectly proportioned for little arms and legs.  It’s been a favorite of mine for years. (18 months-2 years)
  20. A membership to the Houston Zoo or The Children’s Museum is always appreciated and will be well-used!  You could also consider purchasing a session of music, swimming, dance, or gymnastic classes. I’m looking at you grandparents! (All ages)

Find the (holiday) joy~