Gratitude is such a powerful emotion.  When we feel it as it relates to our children, it goes even deeper.  Seeing kindness extended to the pieces of our hearts that live outside of us is one of the most glorious things we experience as parents.  Often times, those extending the kindness have no idea of the impact it has on our hearts, but in the moments of motherhood where the goal is survival and survival alone, these moments carry us through.

It’s the teacher who notices the the transition out of the classroom is hard, kneels down to speak eye to eye, and offers a book for the car ride home.

It’s the neighbor who delivers muffins baked with full knowledge of allergy restrictions and who hand delivers them accompanied by balloons.

It’s the swim instructor who notices a child stuck moving down the wall, and without “helping,” helps so much just by taking the time to talk and to encourage.

It’s the associate in the Target self-check out line who steps in to assist with sacking groceries simply because “it’s hard to shop with a baby!”

It’s the friend who arrives with dinner just when you think you can’t take another step.  And not just dinner, but the dinner, salad, and beautiful dessert kind.

It’s the teacher who willingly opens her doors early to welcome your child, because with everything on the schedule that day, she understands that it is your only option.

It’s the aunt and uncles who send thoughtful gifts and the ones who come to play and entertain.  It’s also the ones who will add to their load to give you a break.

It’s the grandparents that will do anything, drive anywhere, and share everything all in the name of your children’s happiness.  Nothing would happen without them.

It’s the stranger in the grocery store who tells you that your baby is beautiful.  Especially when an hour earlier, you didn’t know how you were going to make it through.

It’s any person anywhere who “sees you” and does everything they can to make your load a little lighter.  As a mother, these people are my heroes.  They are my secret weapons.  They are the reason I can get from one moment to the next. And I hope they know, boy do I hope they know, how much their kindness means.  Thank you to all of you, those whom I know and those that I don’t.  You’ve made our world a better place.

Find the joy~





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