To The Mamas


In continued celebration of Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for sharing in this beautiful journey of motherhood with me. I draw strength from you. I’m inspired by you. And today, I’d like to tell you a few things.

To the mama who is joyful: that many more joys may follow. We celebrate with you.

To the mama who is struggling: I am too. Everyone is in one way or another. Keep going. You’re doing your best. It’s enough.

To the mama who is so proud: you should be. Soak it all in. Well done.

To the mama who is overwhelmed: talk about it. Reach out. Accept help. You’re not supposed to do it all.

To the mama who is uncertain: be humble enough to talk to someone who knows more than you. Learning from others makes us better mothers.

To the mama missing her mama: my heart, all of our hearts, are with you.

To the mama just beginning the journey: welcome! So glad you are walking this road too. It’s the most humbling, most important path you will ever walk.

To the mama who would give anything to begin the journey: we see you. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Keep the faith.

To the mama who is about to let go of a season: Letting go is so hard. Be glad that it happened. Find the joy in what was as you look towards what is to come.

To the mama who does it all: don’t forget about yourself. You are so important.

Mothers are powerful. We are strong. We make magic happen every single day. We believe in miracles. We are the miracles. We mend hearts. We shape lives. We hope. We pray. We work SO HARD. We are blessed. We are privileged to be entrusted with this opportunity. We are grateful.

Cheers to all the mamas!

Find the joy,