To My Child’s Teacher

Today a piece of my heart will leave me and walk into your classroom.  She has been by my side every day as my sidekick, my little buddy, and my best friend.  Now, however, she will belong to you during the joyful hours she spends at school.  She is so excited to be in your class.  She has been talking about her new water bottles, snack bags, shoes, and dresses for weeks.  Her backpack is already packed and ready to go, and she carries it all around the house.  She is so ready in so many ways.

I can’t wait for you to know her, this precious child who has the sweetest and kindest little spirit.  She is a natural nurturer who always makes sure her dolls have a lovey when she puts them down for a rest.  She loves to hear stories, tell stories, and then hear the same stories again.  She has the sweetest little voice, and yet she is very observant.  She takes it all in, and then she follows up with questions later.  She is tender and always wants to do the right thing. She loves wearing tutus.  She dresses herself in the morning complete with a matching bow. She likes things a certain way and struggles when things “are not right!” She still loves blue and purple.  She will stay awake for the entire rest time.  She is absolute joy packaged into a tiny little body. She is beyond a blessing.

I know how hard you’ve worked to prepare for this day to receive my child and so many others with an open heart.  I’ve been there during the long days of in-service and the sleepless nights full of thoughts of things to add to the “Teacher To Do List.”  I know you’ve left your own children in order to take care of mine, and I know that a part of your heart is somewhere else today too.  I also know that we will never ever forget you.  As of today, you are part of our lives forever, etched into our hearts in a special place reserved for teachers.  Thank you for what you have done and for what you will continue to do for these children.

As you know, letting go is not an easy thing for a mother to do, and our house will feel a little bit empty on the days she is at school.  However, we will arrive eager to hear about her day and all the lessons she will have learned from you. We will support you and all that you do.  We will stand up for you, and we will respect you.  We will be good teammates with grateful hearts.

Take care of my girl today and everyday.  Love her and let her love you.  Expect a lot and be gentle as I know you will. Protect her heart and her spirit, but also stretch her in ways that I cannot. I know she will brighten your life with her songs, her stories, and her smile, and I know you will change hers forever.

Happy 2017-2018 school year to you.  Let it begin!

~M’s Mommy



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