This is the Boy

My baby boy is 3. Technically, he is not the “baby” anymore, but try telling that to my heart. This guy has brought me so much joy since the moment he entered the world. He’s so different from me, and seeing the world through his eyes has changed me. Forever.

This is the little boy who waves to shoppers while sitting in the grocery cart since the moment he could sit up independently. He’s only little boy I’ve ever known to be able to “network” (like his dad) at such a young age. He is constantly trying to engage strangers, wave hello to construction workers, and befriend the garbage truck driver. This is the boy who always wants to know other people’s names and now nicknames although it’s funny to try him explain what that means. This is the little boy who can watch bulldozers for days, and who always makes sure our trash is out on time. He has known the collection schedule since he was old enough to talk. This is the boy who goes to bed singing (these days it’s “The Star Spangled Banner”) and wakes up doing the same.

This is the boy whose cheeks still vibrate when he runs which could very well be my most favorite part about him. This is the boy who always wants to hold my hand. This is the boy who notices when things need to be put away and so he does it just to be helpful never expecting recognition or praise. He’s the boy who inserts (t) for (s) and often responds to requests with “yet” or “of court.” This is the boy who sleeps with a bed full of friends. His dinosaurs, dogs, teddy bears, and one lone porcupine are all strewn about when I go into kiss him goodnight. It never gets old to cover him up and listen as he snores softly. He still loves to “fnuggle,” and he wrinkles up his nose when he says that. I hope he says it like that forever. He has never met a blanket or a couch that he didn’t like, and he can curl up next to me and read for days.

This is the boy who is afraid of his own shadow and who startles more easily than anyone I know. He’s still trying to understand that monsters are not real. He’s also trying to figure out exactly what is a monster. This is the same boy that can dig happily in the backyard until his heart is content. Give this boy a shovel and dirt, and he is done. This is the boy, however, that wants your company while he does it. This is the boy who loves rain boots, puddles, fishing poles, and all balls. This is the boy that can hold his own at a tea party, and then wreak havoc with his trucks.

This is the boy. My boy. My sweet, tenderhearted, happy boy. I relish the quiet moments I get with just him. His world is so simple. He is so simple. There is nothing complex, nothing complicated about this precious boy. He is like a Golden Retriever come to life. My very own puppy dog. I love him. I adore him. My heart aches with gratitude for him.

And now he is 3.

Happy Birthday little Bubba.

Find the joy~