Simple Gifts

This holiday marks our first in our new home.  As I started the process of decorating our house, my heart sank a little bit.  Our old house was cozy and familiar.  I had decorated it for Christmas for 5 years, and I knew where everything went and how it should look.  I could also do it in the span of about an hour.  I loved the simplicity of our tiny town home.  Our new house was bigger and much less familiar.  As I unpacked our decorations, I realized how much more involved it would be to decorate this home. I began the process, willing myself to do my best with what we had. We buy for so many people at this time of year, and our Christmas budget wasn’t exactly waiting for me with open arms to buy more garland, tinsel, ornaments, lights, etc. Neither was my husband.

I set about to make it look “right” and to make our home as lovely as could be for our family at this special time of year. When I finished, it looked nice. I wasn’t going to be in any magazine any time soon, but it was fine. Good enough, I thought to myself.

Enter my 4 year old (almost 5 she will quickly remind you) M. “Mommy!!!!!,” she exclaimed. “Our house is so beautiful! It’s all decorated for Christmas! I love it Mommy.”

And there in that moment was my reality check in the shape of a pigtail wearing 4 (almost 5) year old little girl for she had found the joy and the beauty in the simplicity of it all. This tiny little person had reminded me what it was all about. And believe me, it’s not the garland, no matter how wrapped up in that I was. It’s about the simple joys, the precious gifts, and the sweet moments that this wonderful time of year provides for us. M saw all of that as clear as day, and in her unadulterated joy and wonder she reminded me to do the same.

The excitement and appreciation she had for our home reminded me to be grateful for the heaps of blessings our family has been afforded and served as a stern reminder to be present in that and in us, a task that can unfortunately be difficult this time of year. Seeing it through her eyes has made me love it even more, and together with her I revel in every ornament, light, advent calendar, gingerbread house, and any other miracle that comes our way.

I hope your little elves are doing the same for you. They are wise indeed.

Find the joy~


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