We are the heart-menders and the tear-catchers. We are the bandaid-appliers and the tissue-buyers. We are the nose-wipers and the eye-dryers often times while multitasking with another child on our hip, a phone to our ear, or both. We are the boo-boo-healers and broken heart-sealers. We are the medicine-givers and the doctor appointment-makers. Their pain aches our own hearts whether it’s from a skinned knee or a perceived injustice. We feel it in our souls. We heal; we mend; we soothe; we love.

We are the laundry-folders and the dinner-planners. We are the grocery cart-pushers and the car-loaders. We are the house-cleaners and the lunch-makers. We are the snack-keepers and the water bottle-holders. Mary Poppins has nothing on the bags we carry. We are the homework-helpers and the calendar-masters. We know who has what when and could tell you with our eyes closed while being turned upside down. We are just that good. We are the activity-planners and the craft-makers. We are the book-buyers and the clothes-shoppers. We are the toy-organizers and the craft-planners. Nothing happens here without us. Nothing. We cook; we plan; we work; we love.

We are the monster-catchers and the middle of the night-soothers. It’s our name they call when they are scared or sad. We will lay next to them for hours hoping to calm their frantic minds or feverish bodies. We are the baby-rockers and the night-watchers. We can react instantly to emergencies day or night no matter how big or how small. We are always ready. We rock; we hug; we kiss; we pat; we hold; we love.

We’ve never known love like this. We’ve never felt responsible for so much in our lives. We’ve never worried so much or slept so little. We’ve never realized it truly takes a village nor have we ever been so grateful for ours. We’ve never seen the world through such a precious perpective. We’ve never wondered and hoped and cared so deeply as we do today. We’ve never prayed so hard. We’ve never worked so hard either. We’ve never asked so many questions. We’ve never realized how much we are expected to know the answers to every question big or small. We’ve never sacrificed so much. We’ve never known the feeling of our hearts walking outside of our bodies. We do now. And we are forever changed.

We are mothers. We are strong. We are humble. We are blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama. Well done.

Find the joy,