Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

Boy, are you on our hearts today.  Today is big for you, for us.  Today is a day a part of you has been anticipating for a long time.  Today kind of feels like jumping off a cliff.  Today you already feel like you are ready to come home, and you haven’t even left yet.  Today is full of excitement and uncertainty. Today is the day you head back to work.

We know you have treasured the time at home with your baby, and we also know that there were times when it was really hard.  There were times when you would have given anything to be back at work rather than navigating the treacherous world of feedings, sleep schedules (the baby’s, not yours), and spit up among other things. We also know there were times when your heart leaped into your throat as you thought about “missing” the moments when you went back to work. The smiles, the coos, and the giggles will be shared with someone else during the day now, and sometimes that feels like more than your heart can handle. We’ve been there too.

Perhaps you are returning today to a job that you love, a job that fills your spirit and gives you energy and purpose. Good for you, Mama!  We all wish we could be so lucky.  Do us a favor though.  Return joyfully to this work and leave the guilt behind, would you?  We have all gotten so good at feeling guilty.  It’s an unbelievable talent that we acquire as soon as we become mothers. Take one for the team though, and don’t bring it with you today.  Be proud of the job that you have and the work that you do.  Be proud of the difference you are making in the lives of others.  Relish what it does for you too. Let it make you an even better mother.

We know, however, that you might be returning to a job that does not bring you as much joy and fulfillment. Maybe your heart feels as though it belongs with your baby, and you are not quite sure how you are going to walk out that door this morning.  We’ve felt that too, and to you we say, hang in there mama.  You are strong.  You can do this. Wishing you were still at home is always okay.  We ask that today you would be especially kind to yourself.  Give yourself permission to have all the feels, whatever those may be for you. Don’t be too hard on yourself today.  Give yourself time to adjust.  We know that you will, and to you we send strength.

Whatever your perspective on returning to work today, we know how much work you have done to make that possible.  We know you have painstakingly and lovingly secured a happy environment for your baby whether it is with a family member or one of the 32 nannies/schools that you interviewed until you found just the right one.  We know how hard you have worked to stock the diaper bag, prepare the bottles or pack the breast pump, and write notes about all kinds of things.  It’s a big responsibility to turn it all over to someone else today, and even though for some of us it’s also a huge relief, letting go never feels easy.

We want you to know that we see you. We want you to know that we are with you. We’ve been there.  We get it.  We’ve left babies to return to work, some of us more joyously than others, but we’ve done it nonetheless and so can you.  You’ve got this mama, and we’ve got you.  Go light the world on fire, but as you do, just remember one thing.  You are a really, really good mom.


The Sisterhood of Mothers

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