A Whole New World

The day is dawning on a new week, but those of us on the Texas gulf coast are now living in a very different world. Conversations in this new world begin with questions about evacuations, home damage and repair, and displacement.  Many return to work this week commuting from shelters or from completely different locations.  Front yards in especially hard hit areas look like trash piles.  Traffic is incredible due to roads that are still under water.  Grocery stores are still waiting on trucks to restock their shelves.  The tears flow freely accompanied by fear and uncertainty.  Everything is different. Everything.  I miss the way it used to be.

This new world is full of so much good though.  Conversations in this new world consist of people offering help and hope to one another.  It is now completely normal to hear about dropping off cleaning supplies or diapers at a donation center, picking up laundry for a neighbor, or pulling up floors in a friend’s home.  Facebook and Instagram feeds are FULL of pictures and stories about people caring for others.  That is all. you. see. The collective loss is unimaginable, but the collective strength as we move towards recovery is beyond words. People are united now more than ever, and the last thing anyone is thinking about is himself.  How amazing that tragedy could bring about such a refreshing reset on our perspectives.

It’s this new world in which I want to embed my children.  This world where people are lifting each other up through word and deed is exactly the kind of place where I want them to grow up.  I want them to know service, kindness, compassion, and selflessness.  Right now the city of Houston and the Texas gulf coast are shining examples of what that looks like.  These people are the rainbow.

Let us continue to acknowledge to our children that life is indeed very different.  If it is affecting us, then that means it is affecting them even more.  Small changes have big impacts on the littlest members of our society, so let us continue to have compassion for that.  As we move forward together, let us continue to live in this space of generosity and hope.  Let us continue to give of ourselves, and let us continue to be shining examples for our children.  The aftermath of this terrible storm can change the world.  Let’s make sure we choose the right one.

Find the joy-