25 Chores Your Child CAN Do

Last week’s post seemed to really get people thinking about chores for their children. I received questions regarding age appropriate chores and how to implement them in a way to set children up for success. This week I’ve compiled a list of chores your child can complete independently and successfully, which should in turn make your life a liiiiiiiiitle bit easier. Who doesn’t love that?!

The following list is for 18 month olds-6 year olds. Yes, you read that correctly. The difference is in how you set up the chores. For example, the 6 year old can get on a stool, access the cereal box and a bowl, and put it all together. The 18 month old will need the cereal on a low shelf in a container he/she can access with the bowls and spoons right next to it. See? Same chore, same independence but with a little bit of a different set up. Make this list work for you, and if you have any questions, then ask me!

  1. Put dirty clothes in hamper. Older children can bring hamper down to the laundry room.
  2. Place clothes into washing machine (front loading washer/dryers) and switch them to the dryer.
  3. Put away folded clothes. Younger children can do simple folding such as wash cloths. Older children can assist with shirts, pants, etc.
  4. Unload dishwasher. Younger children can sort silverware. Older children can help with more if not all of the task.
  5. Set and clear the table.
  6. Put away toys.
  7. Carry in grocery bags. Lighter ones for younger children. They LOVE to help with this.
  8. Make bed. Younger children can assist with pulling up blanket or placing pillows on the bed.
  9. Unpack backpack. Place water bottle, lunchbox, etc on the counter and hang up backpack.
  10. Select and pack snack for school. Older children can make lunch.
  11. Wash dishes. Younger ones will need a lot of supervision but with a secure stool or stepladder, this could quickly become a favorite.
  12. Tear lettuce for a salad at dinner.
  13. Wash fruit before putting away (apples, pears, grapes, etc).
  14. Spread butter/jelly/peanut butter onto toast.
  15. Slice bananas for cereal.
  16. Feed the dog or cat. Older children can open bag and scoop out food. Younger children will need an easier access container and larger scoop.
  17. Put toys away after bath.
  18. Hang up towels.
  19. Return books to basket or shelf after story time.
  20. Vacuum! Younger children can use a hand held dust buster type. Older children can use actual vacuum.
  21. Wipe up spills. Have absorbent clothes easily accessible.
  22. Dust. Use a dust mitt for better results.
  23. Clean windows. Younger children can use a spray bottle and a squeegee. Older children can assist with a non-toxic window cleaner.
  24. Lay out clothes and dress themselves. Assist as little as possible with the younger child. Instead show him/her how to do it and let them try.
  25. Take trash out or trashcans to the curb. Younger children could help pull or push a small trash can full of light recycling type items. Older children can help take trash cans to the curb.

Why are we doing this? To make our lives a little bit easier–yes, but we are also doing this to give our children a sense of belonging in the home and in the family. We are telling them we value them; we are telling them they are capable little people; we are telling them we believe in what they can do. By expecting their help, we are building them up. This goes way beyond household chores, and it instead reaches a part of their spirit that whispers “Yes, you CAN!” Happy cleaning!

Find the joy~