20 Things To Make For Lunch That Are Not Peanut Butter And Jelly

Thanks to all my years as a teacher I have seen a lot of lunches.  I would venture to say that number is in the hundreds!  Parents were always asking if their child ate lunch, and if the answer was no, then the next question was about what other parents sent for lunch in order to get some fresh ideas.  Now as a mom, I’m living that.  Don’t we feel like we make the same. thing. every. day? I hope this list will bring you some new ideas.  It certainly has helped me up my game just by writing it.  I’ve included a protein, whole grain, fruit, and vegetable in each idea.  You can certainly fill in with snacky-stuff if you need to, but be sure to start with these basics first. Feel free to mix and match, and don’t forget to introduce some variety to your child’s life too! Happy eating!

1. Hummus + pita chips + assorted veggie sticks + sliced pears

2. Greek yogurt with granola and cinnamon + fresh berries + carrot sticks

3. Grilled cheese + sliced avocado + apples

4. Black beans and cheese + tortilla chips + sliced avocado + orange slices

5. Turkey/avocado sandwich + tomatoes + watermelon

6. Hard-boiled egg + sweet potato chips + grapes

7. Tuna fish sandwich + cucumber slices + watermelon

8. Ham/cheese sandwich + red pepper slices + banana

9. Cheese/whole grain crackers + pineapple + celery with hummus for dipping

10. Turkey roll ups with cheese + whole grain tortilla + sliced peaches + carrot sticks

11. Egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread + sliced nectarines + tomatoes

12. “Ants on a Log” (celery sticks with peanut butter) + whole grain crackers + nectarine slices

13.  English Muffin pizzas + grapes + steamed broccoli

14. Cheese and crackers + snap peas + orange slices

15. Baked sweet potato and turkey mash + string cheese + apple slices

16. Pasta salad with turkey, tomatoes, and avocado + pears

17. Grilled chicken pita + carrot sticks + grapes

18. Chicken quesadillas + avocado + pineapples

19. Peanut butter/banana “sushi” with Chia seeds and cinnamon + baked sweet potatoes

20. Whole grain muffin (Try these!) + sliced almonds + fresh berries + celery sticks

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